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Watercooler conversations January 24, 2024

Regulatory Affairs 1o1 by Ethan Drower

Let's talk about the often-overlooked but oh-so-important aspect of regulatory affairs:


You might think it's just about aesthetics, but it's way more than that.

Proper formatting in regulatory documents is essential for several reasons:

✅ Clarity: A well-structured document is easier to read and understand, reducing the risk of misinterpretation.

✅ Compliance: Regulatory agencies have specific requirements for document formatting. Non-compliance can lead to delays or even rejections.

✅ Professionalism: A neatly formatted document reflects your professionalism and attention to detail.

✅ Efficiency: Proper formatting can speed up the review process, getting your product to market faster.

Key formatting tips for better looking reports:

🌀 Consistency: Maintain a consistent format throughout the document - fonts, headings, and spacing. It makes everything look cohesive.

🌀 Use Styles: Utilize style guides to ensure uniformity. Styles help you format headings, paragraphs, and lists effortlessly.

🌀 Headers and Footers: Include page numbers, document titles, and confidential markings in headers/footers for easy reference.

🌀 Tables and Figures: Format these elements clearly, with numbered captions and references in the text.

🌀 References: Cite sources properly and consistently following industry-standard citation styles.

Source & attribution:

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