Prisma Compliance is a pioneering public benefit organization committed to addressing the pressing challenges in the healthcare sector through innovative and meaningful solutions. Our core principles are deeply rooted in addressing real-world issues and fostering collaboration to drive progress in the medical industry. With the clear objective to enhance the productivity of medical organizations and facilitate an efficient bench-to-bedside process, Prisma Compliance has embarked on a journey to make a significant impact on healthcare for the betterment of society.



Your Trusted Partner for
Regulatory Excellence


Where Legal Precision Meets
Technical Excellence

 Medical Device
Organizations (MDOs)

Guiding Excellence in Medical
Device Lifecycle Compliance 

 Academic Research Organizations,
Innovators, Physician-Inventors,
Early-Stage, and Start-up Companies

Empowering Your Research
and Innovation Success


Prisma’s team is passionate about their work and dedicated to contributing to the improvement of healthcare. A diverse team, augmented with collaborators and partners, Prisma is boasting decades of experience. Combining forces with a group of fresh minds in industry and education, all projects are carefully analyzed for the competencies required by Prisma. Together, Prisma Compliance brings a wealth of knowledge, a range of perspectives, and the skills that can drive truly innovative thinking, enrich your company culture, and make a lasting impact. Unlike consultancy, Prisma is driven by a mission to serve the public good and assure employee success. This means Prisma commits itself to transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to the needs of our clients. This empowers the team to bring a range of benefits to their customers, including access to specialized expertise, a commitment to social responsibility, and a focus on long-term sustainability. Prisma teams are professional, engaging, and always invested in customer success. They deliver results that are meaningful, reproducible and relevant.